Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Laser Cutting

In our computer class we have been using Adobe Illustrator to come up with designs suitable for etching and cutting, using the new laser cutting machine that has been bought for RMIT.  I had quite a bit of trouble at first as I could not think of anything that I particularly wanted to make using the laser cutter.  There were quite a few suggestions put forward but nothing that I could see that I would ever use.  However, my sister collects and makes miniatures, for dolls houses, and I eventually came up with the idea of making a screen for one of her rooms.
Here are my initial bits - there are supposed to be three parts to the screen but one of the designs didn't work properly and will have to be cut next week.  

I also made three very plain panels as she is also into decoupage and I have suggested that she put a design on them.  She has already made a very pretty screen using decoupage in the past.

I find it hard to work on ideas that I can see no use for.  Some of the other students have fabulous ideas and come up with wonderful pieces but I don't want to make those things, it is very frustrating to be so focused on making practical pieces that I might use.  I probably need to loosen up a bit but I also don't want to be adding to the clutter I have already accumulated.

I am feeling relatively pleased after this - I have something that I can see a use for, I learnt how to use Illustrator a bit more and there is a tangible item made.  


parlance said...

The screens with the design are gorgeous, and I love the shape.

Mary said...

Thanks Parlance,
I think the blank ones could be good too, if they are varnished or decorated in some way. I actually had the idea today that I might be able to do a miniature tapestries and make screens that has spaces cut and put the tapestries in there - but that might be too small for my skills at present.

HDD said...

Hi MAry
Just popped in and must say I know exactly where you come from with the issues of making somehing you can not see a use for!
Love your little screen.
I also want to visit your site mentioned in an earlier post where you printed the coloured patterns,