Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trying to settle on an idea

I am in several online groups as well as some guild groups. Each one has some sort of challenge going, or something that is meant to get us going.
I have mentioned the challenge to be inspired by an artist, for my machine embroidery group, at the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria.
One of my online groups was looking for some inspiration and I mentioned that as an idea. So now we are doing 4 art quilts in a year, inspired by an artist, any artist, any technique, any size. Rather a large choice really.

We have had quite a while to get it ready but I have left it a bit late, it is due within two weeks.

I have been looking around at several artists, mainly Hundertwasser and Kandinsky. I have even done some collages that relate to them - remotely. This is yet another thing I am trying for inspiration, working with a couple of friends to try to get ideas flowing.

I think I may have too many ideas to be working on at one time!

Then, last Saturday, I was given a free ticket to the Van Gogh exhibition at the National Gallery, Victoria. As it was the second last weekend, there were LOTS of people there. Fortunately, I was with a family group and one of the boys, about 8 years old, was very enthusiastic. His enthusiasm has rubbed off on me, so now I am looking at Van Gogh as my inspiration.

The machine embroidery group has a couple of members who have been using their own photos to develop in the style of the artist of the month. I have decided, because of their inspiration, to use a photo of my own and try to do it in a Van Gogh style.

That's it, so far. I have just had the idea.

Oh, an extra thing, I found a site online that changes your pictures to a Van Gogh style image, among other ideas. It changed the colours greatly. I love it but I am not sure I am going to try for this image this time. Maybe my series could all be of the one image, in different techniques. I do rather like this one.

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