Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Inspired by ... Andy Warhol

Well, I dragged myself out of my sickbed today (not that ill, a cough and not feeling great) and finished off the small piece I cut out ages ago, inspired by Andy Warhol.

I decided to just sew the pieces down, not try to do any thread painting. The main reason for this was that the images I was inspired by are screen printed and don't have much depth or shading in them, they appear quite flat to me.

Having recently worked with Kathryn Harmer Fox and learning to embed the fabric with random stitching, I decided to just try that. There wasn't much embedding to do, the fabric really has the image, the stitching is holding it down and that is about all.

The pieces were traced onto Vliesofix and then ironed onto the fabric and cut out. It is all rather fiddly as the finished size is only A5 - that has been one of the main challenges of this series, the small size! It makes it achievable as it is small but it also makes the design choices different, to manage to get the effect in such a small piece.

I decided to cut out the hair under my chin, especially as it didn't seem right when I cropped the picture. Then the chin looked rather strange. I added some shadow but I think it is a bit straight.

Not to worry, I have done another of my machine embroidery group's challenges, despite not making the relevant meeting.

Now I just have to try to be inspired by Piet Mondrian. Not getting any great inspiration at this stage. Still, if I start looking, I may come up with some new idea to try.

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