Friday, July 7, 2017

Plodding along

I just had to post today, the date is 7/7/17.

I am struggling with my 'inspired by Van Gogh' piece. I decided to try to use the photo that had been turned rather orange and blue - not sure if they are Van Gogh colours or not but it does make it good and abstract.

Anyway, I am not doing a very big size, about A3 (approx 12"x16"). I am finding that I have to lay out the pieces rather small. And it is very hard to tell the trees from the background, especially with the strange colours.

I will persevere for another day, see how it goes. I may end up trying to revert to more realistic colours, just so I can see the image.

I am also trying to work in the style I learnt with Kathryn Harmer Fox and I may not be doing it correctly. I am trying to put in the image and maybe I should just be breaking it up into colours and sections and then try to do the image. Not sure yet.

I needed a rest, so took the dog for a walk and found some lovely squiggly trees that might also make an interesting Van Gogh type of image.

OK! This one is rather abstract also.

But, I have just gone back to the site and found that there are choices for the Van Gogh style. So I put the above pic and got this! The colours are the same, and the image is not recognisable, well, not much. 
Now I will have to go back and try yesterday's image with the Starry Night choice - just because I can. 
I still like the look of this one, I was lucky with being there with my camera, at the right time.

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