Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Then and Now

I took the dog to the local park today. I haven't been there is ages, partly due to too many snakes in summer and her being injured. She has had to have shortish walks, which means driving to a suitable park and then walking. Our local park is just too far to get there and then be in the park - much too close to drive to!

But it was such a beautiful day today that I just had to go out. I didn't want to face the increasingly busy roads, so a local walk it was. And she is a lot better.

I took my camera as I am feeling mildly inspired to try another Van Gogh type piece. I tend to take pictures of parks, trees, flowers, etc. So I will have to do some research into Van Gogh's images.

However, I walking into the park from the direction where I took the photo I have just used as my inspiration. So I took another today. No convenient people stand in just the right spot but it was good to be there anyway.

Penny was a bit surprised that I was the one taking a long time to move on, that is usually her forte.

As usual, I went a bit later in the day, so there are some beautiful long shadows.

I couldn't resist taking this one. The dog had been looking around for his person and this is them, just after reuniting.

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