Saturday, October 18, 2014

Where did that come from?

As I have been posting, I have been working on a design based on the railway bridge at Darebin Parklands. 
For our homework, we are supposed to come up with a small textile sample. So I took one of my computer designs and decided to make an A4 piece.
I hadn't made any colour decisions and just got out a bag of fabric scraps. Suddenly the colours had chosen themselves - with no relation to the original image at all.

I traced the design onto some Vliesofix, cut out the pieces, ironed them onto the different fabrics, cut them out and then laid them out on the base fabric. Thank goodness for light boxes. It was relatively easy because it was symmetrical and I didn't need to think about reversing the design.

Then I sewed them on. I also did a little bit of random quilting patterns on various parts of the piece.  I used cotton batting to give me some extra texture.

It has a totem look, nothing like a railway bridge!

I quite liked the back too, despite putting the backing fabric on back to front - it is too long since I have made a quilt, obviously. 


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Mary said...

Thank theregatha. It has been an interesting task as I ended up nowhere near where I expected. It is very freeing to be just experimenting with no particular thing in mind for the outcome.

Mary said...

Thanks for the comment Lynne, I will respond by email if you send me your address (I won't publish it if you do it via the blog.)