Thursday, October 16, 2014

Designing using Photoshop

Our task was to draw and come up with some patterns and designs. I did some playing around but kept thinking that it would be much easier to do if I used Photoshop. I had asked at our last session if that was ok, rather than drawing.
So here is what I have come up with. I had fun and found the possibilities rather interesting. I have only done a few examples but think I might be - finally - generating some ideas for a textile application. Not that I have a use for the textile piece, I just have some ideas about how I might produce a textile sample. 

I cropped the picture (and it looks like I have flipped it too) and then traced the lines. Then I hid the original image and just copied the lines I had drawn and pasted them into a new document. 

I pasted it twice, rotating and flipping the second pasting. 

I pasted several copies of the image, rotating and flipping again. 

Then I copied that image and reduced it, pasting it repeatedly in a block print. 

Then I reduced it some more and pasted it several times more in a block print. 

Once again, it looks a bit like it could be used as a print for a length of fabric, not what I was aiming for. So I think I will have a play with the second line drawing, see what I can come up with. I haven't decided on a technique yet - will play around with that some more in the next couple of days. 


theregatha said...

I can see this in rich ruby and gold embroidery on a cream silk background,like they do borders as on ceremonial robes. If you do decide to make up samlples I would love to have a piece as a table runner (I know bit cheeky...but you do such nice work!)

Mary said...

Thanks again. I have also thought I could develop a blackwork design.
I am currently (slowly) trying out a raw edge appliqué, it won't look anything like the design but I will know where the inspiration came from.