Thursday, October 9, 2014

Missed it

There was another total eclipse of the moon last night, and it was going to be another blood moon too.
I went to the opening of an exhibition and rushed home to see the lunar event.
The full moon was lovely in the sky - then it went behind he clouds and stayed there. Oh well, I saw one recently, suppose I can't be too greedy.

And I did enjoy the earlier event - the opening of Cresside Collette's tapestry weaving exhibition.
We weren't' allowed to take photos inside, so here is a picture of the outside of the venue - the Manningham Gallery has moved!

There has been building going on for ages and I obviously didn't take much notice of why - the gallery has moved from one building to the new one. Lovely space, right beside the library too, and a cafe if you are feeling peckish.

The exhibition opening was actually for two people, in two separate spaces. Regeneration, by Enid Ratnam-Keese and Woven Worlds: 10 Years of 'en plein air' tapestries by Cresside Collette.
I concentrated on the tapestries, I had seen some of them before but this was a collection of works done by Cresside 'en plein air' over a period of 10 years. The 'en plein air' aspect is different from painting as the weaving is such a slower process. I have been to two workshops with Cresside where we worked 'en plein air' and one of the challenges was that the light changed - the world continued to spin even though I wanted it to keep the image the same. And the weather changed from one day to the next, very inconsiderate of the weather gods.

Cresside's weaving used very fine yarns and she manages to get so much detail into such tiny images that it is amazing. The lighting really picked out the works beautifully. Cresside is giving a floor talk next Saturday and there are opportunities to do a bit of weaving on a community tapestry she is working on, overlooking the local hills, from inside the gallery building. I must try to get there on one of the days.

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