Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Playing around, coming up with some ideas - I hope

Today I actually did some work. I finally decided not to worry about what I might come up with, I just needed to do some designing.
So I took one of my drawings, traced it and made it into a print block.
Then I printed it on paper - I decided not to waste any fabric until I had an actual idea for its development.
I'm not sure why I chose purple, I think I was just over black and white.
I then played around with various repeat prints. Still no idea what I might develop from it but at least I was DOING something.
Flipped and rotated prints.
Block repeat.
Block repeat on a much bigger piece of paper, rotated blocks.
Half drop block print - not measured or registered, just done by eye, trying out the design.
Maybe I can use it to print some fabric for patchwork. Not going to worry about it at this stage. 


mycamerandme365 said...

I love this direction Mary, looking good!

theregatha said...

There is something very intriguing to me about this piece of work. Do you remember the design process when we cut the piece using curvy lines but diagonally, then flipped these sections out and refilled the center? Well for some reason this work seems to call out to me to do that!

Mary said...

Thanks ladies for the positive comments. Theregatha, I don't actually remember the exercise but maybe it has influenced me. Or maybe we were in different classes and I didn't do that activity.
I have found that the design classes we did for screen print are influencing me greatly, hence the repeat blocks, etc.

Michelle said...

Looks cool! What did you use for your plate?

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, I used stuff called Soft Cut, it is rather like an eraser and you trace your design onto it and then cut it with lino cutting tools to make a print block or stamp. The Soft Cut comes in approximately A5 size and I got it from a school art supply place but I think you can find it in lots of art shops.

Michelle said...

Aaah, yes I have used the same thing for my printmaking subject ... I was supposed to use lino block, but my tools weren't sharp enough - I love the soft cut!!