Friday, June 7, 2013

Yet another bowl

I had to blog today, 7+6=13.  Just a little quirk I have.

Today I decided to try making a fabric bowl.  No really good reason, just wanted to see if I could.  I had been looking at books of bags and, suddenly, there I was, making a bowl. It seemed too complicated to make a bag.  And a bowl is smaller.

So I got out the template I made up for my thread bowl and cut out some fabric.  I used the technique I learnt recently at Olga Walters' workshop.  I used white cotton for the base fabric and some wool batting I had that was the right size.  As I was making a bowl and you can see both sides, I chose some fabric I dyed years ago at a dyeing workshop.

Winter is approaching and there are starting to be ads for Christmas in July, so I decided I might play around with some Christmas stuff that I didn't get around to in December.  I might even try some decorations too - we can always use them in December.

That is one of the advantages of having Christmas in summer, people want to do the whole hot meal thing and have another celebration in July - not that my family does but I can still play.

After I laid out the template, over the three layers, I cut it all to the shape of the template.  I'm still not sure if this was a good idea or not, it did work but there were some fiddly bits under the sewing machine.   Then I cut out the Vliesofix and ironed it onto the top fabric.  This is when I realised that the template is not perfectly symmetrical and had to do some adjusting.  It might have been better if I had done the cutting through all the layers at once.  Live and learn.

I then laid out some scraps of fabric I had, I also used the wedges I had cut out for the template.  I have had these tiny scraps for years, being rather obsessive about not wasting things.  Finally, a use for them.
I am having issues with focus on my camera, sorry.

I sewed over the surface to attach them more firmly.  I then decided to do a red pattern to give added solidity.  It was easier to see from the back, so I did that.

I then butted the pieces together and used satin stitch to join them.  Then I sewed across the top edge.

Voila - a reversible bowl.


parlance said...

It does look Christmassy. How about making some textile baubles to go in it?

Mary said...

Thanks Parlance, I suppose I could try that, but it would necessitate learning how to make them, once I find some I can stand. However, you have made me realise I could have done Christmasssy patterns with my sewing. Something else to try! Family members will have to watch out for Christmas gifts they probably don't want!