Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Abstract portrait

After deciding that I wasn't that keen about my portrait, I looked around the internet and found this image at 123RF.

I then got out some cut off threads from my tapestry weaving and my machine sewing, and some small scraps from my quilting.  All recycled elements, very happy about that!
I laid them out on the surface of the fabric, which had Vliesofix ironed onto it.
Then I just sewed over them.  

I am not sure how well it would wear but it was fun to do.  
It is not a self-portrait, I don't have blue eyes.


parlance said...

It's a self-portrait of what you would be like if you were made of string and had blue eyes - think alternate (very alternate) universe.

Mary said...

Parlance, it has actually come out a bit less abstract than I had planned. Still, I would have lovely pink cheeks if it were me - healthy pink not that very annoying rosacea.