Sunday, June 9, 2013

Still playing around with Olga Walters' workshop ideas

Yesterday I used a piece of fabric that was made in the workshop but that had not been sewn.  I wanted to make it into a pouch with sections for the different parts for a TomTom (GPS) for a family member.  However, it was too big for what I wanted and was also too floppy.  This may be because I used polyester filler rather than wool or cotton.  The sewing was also less dense than in other pieces we were shown and that we did in the workshop.

Back to the drawing board.

I had a piece from the original Olga Walters workshop that I did not finish, I had just sewn it so that the fabric strips were well and truly attached.
Today I got it out and sewed it a bit more.  I attached some medium weight interfacing to the back of the piece and sewed it more densely.

After making the basic fabric, I then fiddled around, trying to work out how to close it.  I didn't want to use press studs because that might mean you were pressing on the screen.  I wasn't sure if you could use magnets near a computerised item, I seem to remember that magnets do dreadful things to computer monitors.  So I decided to put on a button with a loop.
Do you think I could remember how to do that??  NO.  But the amazing internet came to the rescue.  I found this useful video of how to turn a tube of fabric inside out.  The woman in the video says she doesn't use many tools in her sewing but that this tool is one she loves.  As far as I can see, it is just a straw, or a small tube, and a stick with a rounded end.  That is what I used, a straw and a meat skewer.  It worked a treat.
I came across this useful site, telling me how to make a clutch.  I didn't do it their way but I did learn how to make the button tie thingy.  One very useful tip was to use a button with a shank, so that the tie can go around it. This might be obvious to you people with sewing experience out there, but it was news to me.  I am going to have to become a more proficient sewer if I am actually going to use these fabrics I keep dyeing and creating.
Here is the finished item.

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