Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wet felting 3D shapes

It is a week since I posted last, so my self-imposed schedule means I have to post today.  But there is not much to post about. I have been experimenting with making fruit shaped wet felted pieces with little success. I have never quite understood why people would want textile fruit so my heart hasn't been in it really.  I am doing it for a friend who has asked me to work with some of her primary school art classes again this year.  I will have to either convince her that 3D wet felting is not for young beginners or come up with a really good idea!

I have found some good info online. This site  was very helpful (I have put the second post as it has a link to the first.). I have made a pear - sort of.  It is vaguely pear-shaped (in many senses of the phrase) but is still flattish, not spherical like I would like it to be.   The apple looks like a heart too. That is due to my inexperience with 3D wet felting and adding layers.

There is a disparity in sizes as I did the pear first and thought it would shrink more than it did.
More work to be done to get it better.

On a more self-promoting note, here is a link to an article about the Beneath the Southern Sky exhibition which is still travelling the world.  It doesn't mention my work specifically but I am basking in reflected glory.

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