Sunday, June 16, 2013

Making slow progress

I am away from home. I went away for the weekend, hoping I would do more weaving than I seem to do at home. But I have read a book, watched a football match, gone to the local town, etc.
I have done some weaving but I keep needing to take a break - for two reasons.
One is that my back gets stiff after a while and I need to go and do something else.
The other is that the weaving is FIDDLY!! I have lots of windows and doorways that require sewing up, often side by side. There are lots of decisions needing to be made about colours, especially as my cartoon has no colour or shading. And I am putting in some elements as the mood takes me. So I suppose I can only blame myself for all the deciding I have to do.
I am gradually getting there but much more slowly than I had anticipated.
I am also spending time trying to see if I can do a post using an iPad. More technology to learn. Not that I need to really, I am not going to do many posts with an iPad.
However, after a bit of fiddling around, I have discovered how to take a photo using the iPad and then upload it. So here's hoping it works. Not that it is much of a photo, I don't much like taking them with the iPad.


Mary said...

Well, I had to resize the photo once I got home but otherwise it seems to have worked.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

You are doing well, with the weaving - and the iPad :-) I personally think those cameras are overrated, my old (digital)camera takes better pictures when it comes to art work, but it is great to be able to share your weaving this way!

Mary said...

Thanks Vera, I tend to agree about the older cameras, I have bought a new digital one recently and am having to learn it all over again. I wish the different producers would collaborate on what they can make the same from camera to camera - but I suppose that would be bad business.

Gina E. said...

I hate upgrading anything; it takes me so long to get used to new stuff. That's why I've hung on to my computer with the XP system. And that's why I've still got a 12 year old Nokia mobile phone that doesn't have a camera in it. And I only replaced my digital camera because I dropped the last one..

Mary said...

Gina, I have an older phone too but it does take photos. I am resisting getting one that does email (actually, I think mine would if I was willing to pay for it, which I'm not.) I don't want to be able to be contacted ALL THE TIME!!! I need my time to myself, I think people are suffering because they can't have alone time.