Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yarn Bombing at Warburton

Bit of a random post today - it is a bit wintry today and I don't much feel like going out.
I was at Warburton last week and saw this on the pole near the war memorial.  You can see the flowers in the background, it was around Anzac Day.

Later, I visited the Rosanna civic centre and saw this display of pieces that didn't make it into the Home Exhibition (mine included).  Apparently there are more at the Greensborough centre too.  I might call in if I get over that way.


Glennis said...

What did you put in Mary, a tapestry or something else.

Mary said...

Hi Glennis, it was my thread bowl (, it is on the top shelf. I only took a general view of the works as they didn't want us to take individual pictures at the show but we could take pictures of the 'rooms'. I haven't tried to use my tapestries much for exhibitions, maybe I should think about that. There was a tapestry in the actual exhibition, it seemed to have been done on a plastic woven background, if I remember correctly. I might have to go and have another look. It seemed to be a map of Australia showing what I think are the aboriginal tribal areas, or language areas. I don't remember much info being available but it looked like a map I saw in Central Australia.