Monday, May 27, 2013

More machine embroidery

Wow, it is a week since I posted last.  Where does the time go?
Actually, it has probably gone, this time, on an assignment for my Machine Embroidery as an Art Form course.
As I posted before, I attended an Olga Walters workshop and it so happened that it had very similar techniques to the current assignment in my course.
We are doing some work with heat bonding and laying out fabric or fibre scraps to make our designs.

I wasn't doing landscape designs, I decided to challenge myself more than usual and try portraits.  However, at the workshop I did a layout based on on of Olga's designs and have now done some free motion sewing on it.  It doesn't look at all like her work but it was fun to do.

Olga suggested that I frame it with the black fabric but that is as far at the finishing off has gone.  I will have to decide how to do that when I get it back from my teacher.  I am sending it off with the coursework, just to show her the sorts of things the workshop was about.


Misha said...

Maybe at heart you are a collage artist - lovely stuff, Mary.

Mary said...

Thanks Misha. I don't know about that though. We had to do a paper collage for our assignment and i did a really terrible one, I have never wanted to do collage with paper. But I don't mind collage with fabric, I just don't want to do the design part on paper I think.