Thursday, May 9, 2013

More attempts to meld fabric painting designs with machine embroidery

As part of my assignment on using fabric paints stamped or stencilled onto fabric in conjunction with machine embroidery, I played around with different feet on my machine.  My new best friend is one that had a ridged base and is used with twin needles.  I love it!  Having mainly only made quilts in the past, I am not familiar with any of the feet apart from the straight stitch one and the free motion one (aka the darning foot). Oh, and the quarter inch foot, which is for straight stitching also.
I  took one of my simpler designs and used twin needles, and the pintuck foot, to produce some texture.  As I was basing my work on the flowing floral themes of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, it was relatively easy sewing.
I did a simpler stamped and stencilled design than previously, and used the stitches from the front and the back of the fabric.
I used some cotton quilt batting that I had lying around.  It helped with the texture - and it stopped it pulling in so much.

The lines suggesting stems (if you see the design as floral) are done using the twin needles and the foot.

Here you can see the raised lines from the front and the areas of green thread you can see is the stitching from the back, still using twin needles.  I sewed that part from the reverse. The twin needles would not let me go into the very fine parts of the design but I decided not to let that worry me, this was a learning experience after all.


Michelle said...

Love it Mary - so gorgeous!!

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, I think it is one of my 'less is more' pieces.