Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hollywood Costume exhibition

I went to the Hollywood Costume exhibition yesterday.  It was very, very good.  The friend I went with is a movie buff, which I am not.  (She is not at all interested in textiles.) I can't remember the last time I went to the movies and I don't usually watch any on tv. We both had a lovely time.  She was very excited about some of the costumes and how they reminded her of favourite characters and scenes.
I was very interested in the costumes and the information about how they were designed.  Apparently the script is usually sent to the designer who then interprets the mood of the characters and the story.  There were some video interviews with directors and designers who talked about how they work on the costumes and how important it is that they work well in the scenes.  It seems some actors don't get a good feel for their characters until they put on the costumes, so it is very important that the designers get it right.
There was also some writing about how scenes are shot and the need for everything in the shot to be important, and the need for all the costumes, not just the main characters' ones, to be right. It was interesting on many levels.
The research involved for most of the costumes was phenomenal too, especially the historical ones.
Of course, there was the sheer beauty of many of the costumes too.
We were not allowed to take photos but I just had to post about it anyway.  It was great!
Some of the costumes that were on display at the V&A were not sent to Australia but it is still a wonderful exhibition. As with the Grace Kelly exhibition, the lighting was low but the information was well lit and presented at a good height and with a good sized font.
The exhibition is on for several months and I highly recommend it. Word is that it is crowded on the weekends.

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