Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting back to tapestry.

Now that I have handed in the current assignment for the machine embroidery course, I can start looking at my tapestry again.  I had hoped to have finished it by the end of May, that isn't going to happen!!
We had our tapestry group meeting on Saturday, with the new extended hours, and I thought I might get a few hours of weaving in.  Ha!
Two of our members had just returned from overseas, textile oriented, trips and there was a lot to look at.
Then there was the discussion of what some of us were weaving and how it was going.  What became obvious was the benefit of meeting regularly and having our work with us, there was very helpful discussion and suggestions.
I did manage to pull out some of my weaving though and redo it.  So I have basically come home with the same amount of weaving done.  Oh well.
At our April meeting, one of the members had made a suggestion that I took up.  I have a design with lots of straight lines (I probably should have turned it sideways) and I really don't like sewing up slits.  K Spoering has just posted about this recently, with a lovely little lesson on how she does it.  But I would have had many needles hanging, with many bobbins, and I tend to tangle them.  So my friend's suggestion to intertwine the wool as the two colours meet was taken up with joy.

It didn't work perfectly, there are some lumpy bits but I did improve as I went on.  Pulling out involves massive work across the design, so I am treating this as a giant sampler and am allowing myself to not have it perfect.  I know this might upset the purists but I am quite comfortable with texture.  I will be deliberately putting some in higher up in the design.
Anyway, tapestries are meant to be viewed from a distance, so the little bit of unevenness should just blend in. I hope.


Misha said...

That looks like it's going to be a gorgeous composition, Mary!
I hope you get it done on time - and the slits finished...

Mary said...

I had thought I might get it done in time, it is a month away after all, but today was a day with nothing in the diary - and no weaving! Maybe tomorrow, nothing in the diary then either. And lots of rain forecast. One can only hope.