Thursday, July 26, 2012

Craft and Quilt Fair Melbourne 2012

I was supposed to meet a friend today for lunch, we were going to browse the stalls and exhibitions at the Craft and Quilt Fair.  My friend didn't come because a crown fell off her tooth but I decided to go anyway.  It might have been better if she had come, I might have been more restrained about the tools that I decided I must have. ... just in case I ever do get around to making that celtic design quilt, the one that I bought a design book for, about three years ago.

And the scissors you can use on a plane - not that I have any intention of taking embroidery on a plane.
But I didn't buy any fabric or yarn even though there was some wonderful stuff there.

I did meet some people I haven't seen for a while while I wandered around.  That was an unexpected bonus.
Then I decided that I really should go and see the quilt exhibition.  There were some I had seen at the AQC earlier in the year but there were also quite a lot of new ones, all wonderful. I got inspired to investigate doing more quilting and maybe joining a group.  I'll have to see when they meet and suchlike. Maybe I will use those tools I couldn't resist.  Some people are really good demonstrators!

As I was wandering (and getting rather sore feet) I came across a very interesting quilt - I was taken with the way the diamonds were made, the fact that it had see-through parts ( a particular love of mine) and that it had been joined in an interesting way.
The colours are not right as I used my phone.

Then I looked at who had made it and saw that it was Deb Layt - again!

I wandered away but decided that I really did need a photo of the complete quilt and lo and behold! there was a blue ribbon on it.  I had heard someone speaking and lots of clapping but hadn't realised that winners were being announced.
Innovative Quilts

I couldn't get a shot of Deb with her quilt, she was busy being a quilt angel elsewhere.


parlance said...

The colors in that quilt are fabulous!
How about a photo of those scissors for use on a plane. I can't visualise what they would look like.

Mary said...

Yes Parlance, I loved the colours too. I asked Deb if she had died the fabrics and/or yarns and she said no, she had found the colours she wanted and had changed some of them with the sewing threads she used - quilting and couching the yarns. Very clever.
I'll put up a pic of the scissors soon.