Sunday, July 15, 2012

Willingly sidetracked by unfinished quilt top

I am in a creative block at the moment so decided to try that trick of having two things on the go at once.  As I was rummaging through my drawers, I remembered that I keep unused blocks and thought I would get them out and see what was there. Nothing inspirational.

Then I came across my ufo (UnFinished Object) drawer and found the main part of a quilt that I started years ago (one of those quilt tops I mentioned previously and, yes, it was one of the classes I did at The Patchwork Gallery).

I had put it away as I had started the border in the class but still had to finish it at home and I wasn't sure I liked how it was going.
So I laid out the top and realised that it would be good for a lap rug or throw for the couch.

I have been working on putting the quilt together, quilting it and then sewing on the edging. This is quite relaxing and takes my mind off the creative block.  I am still creating, I am just not at that angsty stage of not knowing what direction to go and trying to make too many decisions.

I foolishly left the quilt out on a seat when I went to bed.  I was warned to take it off the chair as our dog thinks that having a quilt on a seat or couch is a signal for her to be allowed on the furniture - which it is, just not with a new quilt that was still full of pins!!
You can see the pins above her head.  You can also see her quilt on her bed.


Michelle said...

Awwww, cute puppy!!! What is it about animals that they just *have* to sit on pieces of fabric, wool, clothes, etc.? ;)

Mary said...

Yes Michelle, she is very cute. She doesn't usually interfere with my stuff but the signal for being allowed on the furniture is a blanket or her own doona, so I can't really blame her.