Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Circles and Squares Travelling Tapestry Exhibition

Well, the day finally arrived.  We put up the travelling exhibition  of the AuNZ tapestry group, at the Handspinners and Weavers Guild rooms today.
I was so excited when the box came and I opened it to see the wonderful works.
What a treasure trove.
I can't really express how different they look in real life, compared to photos.  The colours are so clear, the textures enticing and the whole 'reality' of the works is special.
We are really lucky to have the opportunity to see them and have them for a couple of weeks.

It took quite a few hours to spread them out, decide how to group them (they had come in fairly well-organised groups) and then to hang them.  But it was fun.

Decisions, decisions
They look really great with the spotlights on them.
We have already had lots of complimentary comments from passersby as well as ladies from the guild.
So come along to our 'opening' on Saturday morning, or call in to the guild rooms anytime (check opening times here), and see them for yourselves, if you are in the vicinity.

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