Monday, July 2, 2012

Tree trunk directionality

Is it just that I am drawn to trees that have their bark going in a certain direction or do the majority of eucalyptus trees have their bark going from left to right up the tree?
I have found some where the bark grows relatively vertically, but there sure seem to be a lot that don't.
Maybe it's the way the world spins.


Christine said...

I'm curious now & will be looking closer at the bark to see which direction it grows in

Mary said...

Yes Christine, it is amazing how many trees grow that way. Not all, obviously, but a lot.

parlance said...

Whey not search for some Californian or maybe French sites where there are gardeners talking about growing eucalypts, and see if they have photos of their trees?

I just suggested those two places off the top of my head because I think people grow gum trees there.