Saturday, July 7, 2012

Visit to Wangaratta

After a few days in beautiful Bright, we returned home via Wangaratta.  Of course we went to the Petite: Miniature Textiles exhibition.  I wasn't allowed to take any photos inside, boo hoo.  I knew about a dozen of the exhibitors which was rather exciting. The works are amazing and of a high standard.  It was also beautifully presented, in the front gallery.

In the back gallery there was a lovely exhibition of embroidery - put on by the local embroidery guild branch and groups in the area.  Also well worth a visit.  We met one of the embroiderers whose work we had been admiring.

This was part of the Stitched Up Festival at Wangaratta.

We also heard about the Strictly Quilts 6 exhibition at St Bernard's Primary School.  There were some wonderful quilts on view there too.
And I was allowed to take some pictures, so here are a few.
There were several of this design, the different colours chosen made a huge difference to each one.

I like the design and the main fabric on this.

The appliqué over the patches was very interesting.


parlance said...

Oh, well, I hope you took a mental photograph of the lovely work! Those quilts are gorgeous.

Mary said...

Yes, I looked closely but one problem with going to three things in one day is that you have so much to remember.
I didn't notice till I uploaded the pictures, but the top one, that looks like weaving, didn't look that way to me in actuality. Another optical illusion I suppose.