Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inspired by Others - and doing it all at once.

I seem to remember reading that someone whose blog I visit (I can't remember who) was weaving a tapestry and just developing it as she went.  I was very admiring of that.
Then I saw Misha's blog and was inspired - he mentioned an assignment in which one of the things to try was distressing the work - a change from getting distressed myself when weaving. (Actually, I can't find where I thought he said that but he did talk about using man-made yarns.)
Anyway, I had played around with some Tyvek, painted it, covered it with PVA and then embedded some words from the newspaper. This was one of the ideas in Mixed Media Explorations by Beryl Taylor. I was thinking of developing some fabric for an art quilt or wall hanging, or something.

I took it along to a group I am working with, with a view to having our own show later in the year (stress, stress!! - my very first group show that is not part of the textiles course). It was suggested that I could cut the Tyvek up and weave with it.  Blank look from me - then, oh yes, possibly.

Tyvek responds to heat - I am always thinking of doing some heat distressed art quilt work and have the supplies, just haven't done much with it yet.
So ...
I decided to combine these ideas.  I am using fabrics that will react to heat - I hope.  I am designing it as I go.

The not very detailed cartoon - I took the large shapes out when I began.

Some of the painted Tyvek in the top left corner, unpainted Tyvek, synthetic fabrics and wool.

It seemed that I might be well advised to put in some wool with the Tyvek and synthetic fabrics so that not all the work will disintegrate - if it does anything at all.  I am a bit worried about the feathery bits of yarn, I might have to cover them and see if I can keep the heat away from them, I don't trust them not to actually burn.

Then I remembered that I have wanted to do a tapestry with holes in it, woven deliberately.
I'll take out the cardboard when I am finished, hope it doesn't fall apart.
Note the painted Tyvek, the weft shows very clearly.

So now it is all in the same piece.  It is supposed to be some sort of cocoon but I haven't done my maths properly and there is no way it will close (if I decide to make it 3D, yet another thing this is an experiment for).  I will worry about that at a later date, if it actually works. I am not sure if I want to heat all the fabrics, I am quite pleased with it as it is at the moment.
Maybe I'll have to do some more samples with the various fabrics and just see what happens, not put them into a design at all - if I can bring myself to do that.
Hmm, this all sounds a bit ad hoc - which it is. But it is also fun.


Michelle said...

Oh wow, that looks gorgeous! I love the way you've matched the colours, but have different textures, it's beautiful ;)

And congrats at being included in an exhibition - how exciting!

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, actually, the colour choice is a requirement of the exhibition - it is all going to be in greyscale, so I am practising with that too. The slight yellow on part of it is the setting sun, it is also grey.