Saturday, August 4, 2012

Off the Loom

I have just turned the computer on for the first time today - I was trying to have a computer-free day.  Then I noticed the lovely date 4/8/12 and just had to blog!
So here are some pictures of my possible cocoon (not sure what else it could be) off the loom.  I actually rather like the long, trailing warps but can't just leave it like that I suppose.

Fortunately I am aiming for an organic shape and feel, so the wonky edge doesn't matter.

I sought some advice on how to finish off a shaped piece securely and then diligently did double half hitches all around the edge with cotton.  I also did the insides of the parts that are going to be holes.
Not a great idea - I can't pull the warp through.
So now I have diligently cut all the double half hitches and can pull the warps through so that I can have enough in the holes to then sew them in.  This is a slow process!!
And pulling the warp through does change the sit of the weaving, especially when you have to tug really hard because you have sewn it so securely.
Red circle - hole successfully sewn in.
Pink circle - holes waiting to be done, warp needs to be much longer for sewing.

I haven't cut off all the hanging threads at the back yet, I might want to leave them there for cushioning, once I decide how I want to present this piece.  It is still very much an experimental work at the moment.  I haven't decided how to put it together, how to mount it, if I do, or what I will use inside if I decide that something needs to go inside - if it ends up being at all 3D.
And I have these holes, so why did I put them there?  Will it be possible to look inside or behind?  What will we see?  Decisions, decisions.


Michelle said...

Wow, can't wait to see the finished product!

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle,
I have gone rather mundane at the moment and have sewn in all the warps - I asked my artistic adviser (who HATES string) and she didn't like the warps hanging, so I have gone with her opinion. But I think I am going to line it with something more interesting than just lining, and hang it twisted. Will leave it for the moment and see what comes to me.

Misha said...

Lovely stuff, Mary - great to see you experimenting with both form and material - glad, and also a bit bemused :), to have 'inspired' you!! You are being more adventurous than I've been - goodonya.
Was away with inconvenient computer so didn't respond well to people - sorry.
Looking forward to group meeting...

Michelle said...

It's tricky taking other people's opinions into consideration ... guess it's all about gut feeling in the end ;)