Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Visiting studios in Aubusson

Our time in Aubusson was very full.  We only visited the town on two days but we saw so much!  A lot of that was due to Susanne Bouret, a local lady who arranged our visits, took us to see her own studio and generally looked after us.
You will have seen Susanne in some of the photos I have already put up, she was a wonderful guide, translating for us and generally making the whole visit very enjoyable and informative.

Susanne is a conservator of textiles and she told us quite a bit about her work.  She also showed us a church banner that she is going to preserve.  It is from the 19th century and is only brought out for processions every 7 years.  The very heavy metal embroidery is pulling the silk and there have been some amateur mending done in the past.
She explained her plans to work on it.  It sounded very fine, detailed and painstaking, trying to stabilise the fabric without disturbing it any more.

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