Thursday, July 7, 2011

Home but lacking in energy

As the header says, I am home.  I haven't adjusted to the time difference yet, or quite recovered from the long flight.  But I have put my photos onto disk, so now I will be able to bore you all silly with my photos. They are turning out to be really handy as they remind me of all the things we have done and seen.  We have been so busy, seen so many wonderful sights, it is hard to remember it all at once.
I am not going to do things in chronological order, I'll just do them as they occur to me.

The last week in France was wonderful, staying at the Manoir and visiting some very interesting studios as well as having time to do our own weaving.  There is so much to write about, just in the last week!  I'll start with some photos of the house - it was just amazing that we could stay in a house that is 250 years old and full of so many antiques, including tapestries.

Cupboard in my bedroom

Tapestry over my bed


parlance said...

Do you have any info about the tapestry over your bed?

Mary said...

Parlance, I didn't find out much about it, we couldn't communicate all that well with the owners, not to that depth. But mine did need repair and was faded. It was great to see it in use, however, even though the light shone in the window onto it.