Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Who says it doesn't get sunny in London? Here are some pictures to prove that it can be summery. It started with a wander through Hyde Park, the sun comes up quite early but nothing much opens before 9.30 or 10.00. So I wandered through Hyde Park to Marble Arch. You would not have known that you were in one of the busiest cities in the world, it was peaceful and quiet.

I was within metres of busy traffic but could barely hear it, just birdsong and the occasional person walking by, often with a dog.
Apparently a lot of parks in Britain are letting the grass go to seed, something to do with preserving grass species, I think.  Someone explained it to me but I didn't quite get it - but we saw a lot of parks with the verge of the grass mowed but the main grass growing freely.


parlance said...

That's very interesting, about preserving native grass species! I suppose those grasses are our weeds. Just as our native plants are South Africa's seeds. And it goes on...

parlance said...

Oh, London! Wonderful to visit!