Friday, July 8, 2011

More photos of Le Manoir

I couldn't get more than two photos to load last time, so here are a few more (hopefully) of the Manoir.
The eating area

The tapestry in the eating area
This eating area is a step down from the kitchen and is not the dining room, we used the dining room for some of the weaving.

The dining room which we used for weaving.

Another tapestry, in the dining room.
There were parts of the house that we did not use, it is so huge. There is sleeping for 12 in the house, many tapestries around the place (which is one of the reasons it was chosen for this tapestry focussed tour), Louis XIV and XV furniture, paintings, porcelain, etc, in most rooms.  We kept noticing new little treasures all the time, even in rooms we used regularly. We rattled around in the space but had a wonderful time there.  A very special place.

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