Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Horses in London

I saw people riding horses several times while I was in London.
I stayed near Hyde Park, near Bayswater Rd and walked along there every day.  I often saw groups of riders coming out of the park, across heavy traffic.  The leader just put up her hand and all the morning peak hour traffic stopped while the group rode across the road.

One day it was a solitary rider and she disappeared into one of the many mews in the area.  It was incredible to think that there were stables in some of the mews.  The whole area was being spruced up, presumably for the Olympic Games next year.

I also saw some soldiers (or police) riding through Sloan Square.  It was very different from here in Melbourne, I don't think I would ever see horses in the midst of normal traffic, except for the horse-drawn tourist carriages.

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parlance said...

Don't forget that in central London they've done something about the hordes of cars. I think they have, haven't they?