Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The use of cartoons - or not

One thing I was especially interested in with the Morley College class was the use of cartoons.  Some had cartoons behind their work and were following them quite closely but the majority were using small images to guide them.  These tended to be more textural or abstract pieces but not always.
The weaving was done in the way I am more used to, upright and from the front.
Using a cartoon, the larger cartoon seems to be different from the original, smaller image.

Small image as inspiration

Another small image, note that it is not in the same orientation as the weaving.

I found a reference on a blog to a William Jefferies' workshop and not using a cartoon at first. I find that I prefer to be organic in my weaving and am not that keen on cartoons behind the work.  However, I am not an experienced weaver so don't think that I will make any rash decisions about use of cartoons at this stage.


parlance said...

It sort of reminds me of picture knitting, where you have to follow the pattern exactly.

Mary said...

Paarlance, it depends on the design, whether you can change it as you go. It also depends, I suppose, on what you are weaving, and who for. If it is for yourself, you can change it as much as you like but if it is a commission, you would have to keep to the cartoon closely.