Sunday, October 31, 2010

Technical solution

I am edging closer and closer to the end of my tapestry. The closer I get, the more problems I seem to have.  This end of the design has more intricate sections, requiring lots of interlocking of sections.  I think I have done more unpicking in the last couple of days than in the whole rest of the tapestry.
It doesn't help that I am finding it a little difficult to work out exactly where I am when trying to match the original photo and the cartoon.  Luckily my work is an interpretation of the photo!
As the work has grown I have found it too high to sit, even on the piano stool at its highest and with two cushions to sit on.  This turned out to be precarious and not very comfortable.

This morning I decided to do something about it.  I took advantage of the fact that I find it hard to throw things out and put other things away - I used old magazines to prop up the loom and the boards I used previously to assist with stabilising the loom.  I put more magazines at the back, to tilt the loom towards me.  I have had to stand to do the weaving but it is more comfortable than the wobbly cushions.  I have music on while I work and I find myself wiggling my hips in time to the music, very good for my sore muscles.

Finally, a use for those old quilting magazines.

Very expensive bobbin holders!
Hopefully, I will be able to report finishing in the very near future.
Then I will have to deal with the uneven edge and how to secure the warps. Then there will be decisions about how to mount it, and how to make the uneven pieces stand up firmly.


parlance said...

Those old magazines have to be good for something!

Mary said...

parlance, I knew they still had a use! And one day I might have time to browse them again and find some inspiration for other uses.