Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Setting up the exhibition

On Monday, a friend and I spent hours (not doing my tapestry - stress!!!) setting up the exhibition of the felted pieces we made in Turkey.  We have included some other textiles that we bought, as well as some photos of places of interest.  Tony Stewart also donated some pictures of craftsmen we visited, as well as a collage of designs.  (Here is a link to his Picasa pictures of the trip, they are wonderful.)

I have been going through my photos of the trip to Turkey - it is very hard to limit what we will put in the exhibition as there were so many magnificent sights.

Here are some from Ephesis.


parlance said...

Love the photo of the keystone. Your pictures almost...almost...make me feel like sitting on a teensy tiny seat on a plane, squashed up against a stranger for twenty hours, so I can see Ephesus.

Mary said...

Parlance, September/October was a great time to go, the weather was warm and sunny. Ephesus it wonderful also, although we did go to a bigger agora that is still being excavated and wasn't so crowded. The excavations are still going on at Ephesus, they are now digging into the hill and finding terrace housing.