Thursday, October 14, 2010

Turkey - felting workshop

The stand-out event for me on our trip to Turkey was a two day workshop of felting with Mehmet Girgic.  Mehmet had prepared the prefelt and cotton before we arrived and then demonstrated the technique.

pre-felt with cotton felted in

preparing thin bits of roving
using wet roving to outline and then fill flower

wetting the pieces again before rolling
Mehmet and Rabia demonstrating the 'dance' used for rolling the felt

We had two days in Konya to work on our pieces.  The group managed to come up with a variety of designs and Mehmet and his wife Rabia, and one of their apprentices, helped us with both technique and design elements. Great fun and a wonderful workshop.
We are hoping to organise a show, featuring the group's felted pieces in early November.

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