Friday, October 22, 2010

Working hard on the tapestry

Since my return from Turkey, I have been concentrating most of my time on my tapestry.  It is due to be handed in at the beginning of November - not long!!
My back doesn't much like the hours I am giving to it.  I am trying to have breaks from work but it is an involving craft - making colour decisions, looking closely to see if the angle of the weaving is right, etc. I can easily sit for an hour and a half without noticing.
As I posted earlier, the loom I am  using is not all that good for me - it is low to the floor (although that is less of a problem as the work grows) and angled away from the weaver.
However, I am finding ways to overcome the problems and hope to finish before the due date.  Hmm, maybe I should regret the three weeks away in Turkey - no!  it was a great trip and I am so much more relaxed since returning.
Can you see the buckets the loom is balanced on?

The loom is now on the floor and I am sitting on a low table.

I can almost sit on a normal chair - it is definitely growing.
I have been taking photos every day to convince myself that I have made progress.  The concentration on each section seems to hide progress from me, so I am glad I have taken the photos and can convince myself that progress is being made.


Michelle said...

It's so beautiful! :)

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, usually I am happy with it but one morning I came out and thought it was just a hodge-podge of colours. Fortunately I have recovered and am happily working on it again - till the next time.