Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not my favourite loom

I have managed, after having to call my sister to bring her bigger car, to get my loom home.  I will be able to work on it at weekends and maybe some evenings rather than just the times I can access the tapestry classroom.  I am hoping to be able to finish it by early November. (Going away for three weeks won't help with that.)
However, the loom is not a great design.  I have been using it on a table but the weaving was getting a bit too high and I was having to lift my arms too high, even though I was standing.  Now that it is at home, I was trying to find a comfortable way to sit at it but it is just too low.
I tried using one of those fitness balls that someone gave me.  It is going a bit flat which was useful as I could sit lower on it.
My back started to object (having to lift the dog around the place after her operation has not helped in that area either), so I tried sitting on a cushion on the floor.  Not much better.
I'll have to think again, try different solutions.


Debbie Herd said...

Hi Mary, some table looms are a pain to weave on! The loom that you have would be ok if you put it on an artist’s easel, that way you can adjust the height as you weave by lowering the easel down. Not working on something that is on such a sharp angle is better. I used a large loom to weave a tapestry 100cm x 80 cm that was the same design as that loom. As the tapestry got bigger I had to prop the loom up as I could not weave with the work getting further away from me. Hope this helps, Debbie.

Mary said...

Hi Debbie, Thanks for that advice. I had discussed the idea of putting the loom on bricks as I get higher, with more at the back to move the weaving closer to me but I think your idea would work better. It would be safer, more stable, too. I will have to see who I know who might have an easel to lent me. Thanks again.