Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finished - sort of

I have hitched off my home tapestry today. Yeah!  But I can see some problems with it and will leave it on the loom until I have a chance to take it to class and talk to Cresside about how (or whether) to fix them up.
I am pleased to have finished it to this stage.
The piece is 30cm wide by 41cm high (once I take it off the loom and rotate it).   I hope it maintains its shape and proportions when I loosen the tension.
I must say, I can't see a close resemblance between the piece and the original photo (which I cropped for the cartoon) but that could be because I am still too close to the weaving process.  I'll wait and see how I feel about that later.  But, as I have already said, the photos have been the inspiration and I am not trying to duplicate them.

I have room left on the warp to do a not very wide piece but that will entail leaving the work on the loom until I have finished the new one, so I am not sure I will do that.  A lack of time and patience will affect that decision.  I also have no design in mind.
However, I am feeling rather tired today, dog issues in the middle of the night, dash off to all night veterinary hospital, so I will let the idea of a smaller tapestry bubble around in the subconscious before I make a decision.

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