Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Best Laid Plans

I had plans to do a lot of weaving over the weekend but have caught one of the bugs going around and didn't feel up to it, so I had a rest and did very little.
I had plans to go to RMIT this week and do quite a bit on my tapestry there also but our dog has a mystery injury (probably a cruciate ligament) and we are spending time investigating that.
Oh well, I will just have to try to catch up later.  I am not graduating this year, so the pressure to have my work done in time for the graduation shows is not there.  I just hate missing deadlines though, so will do my best to get it done.

I just noticed that my previous post had two pictures that were supposed to be before and after but when I look at them I see that they have different parts done, they appear to both be after but do not have the same work done in them.  Very mysterious.

I did manage a bit of work on one tapestry today, working at a friend's place.  We had the radio on all morning, waiting to hear if we would have a government or if we would have to have another election - squeezed in around the state election we can now focus on!  Very exciting and an historic day.

Almost there.


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Hi Mary,
I sympathise, it happens to all of us, something xomes in-between. All the best for catching up!
In a prev post you wrote how you like to weave with different yarns for texture and interpret the design. That's how I love to work too.
Happy weaving,Vera

Mary said...

Thanks Vera. I have visited your blog, what wonderful textures. I have not branched out into spinning (and dyeing) my own yarns.
I will have to spend much more time going through your blog, especially as you have such great links.
Once again, thanks for visiting.