Friday, September 3, 2010

Soldiering on

The two tapestries are slowly progressing.  The one I am doing at home has an end in sight - not sure how much longer it will take but I can see the top.  I expect it will be quite a while yet but I am feeling encouraged.

The work at RMIT is progressing more slowly, at least it appears that way.  It is much bigger, so perhaps the progress is not so obvious.
I have started taking before and after photos, to prove to myself that I have actually made some progress - it often doesn't seem very obvious.
after - several hours

Anyway, I am enjoying the decision making that goes into the colours, what texture to use, what different yarns I could possibly use, etc.  I am getting rather tired doing the one at Brunswick as I am currently opting to stand and do it.  The loom is on a table rather than the floor, where I would have to crouch down low (or sit very low, actually).  It is getting to the point where it will be too high soon, so I will have to begin sitting on the low stool.  I suppose that is a good thing, that it is growing.

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