Monday, October 11, 2010

Home from Turkey

I have been away in Turkey for three weeks on a study tour arranged by RMIT.  We visited a large number of  magnificent sites, starting from day one, immediately after leaving our luggage at the hotel - too early to get our rooms.  That first day, we were exhausted after the long trip but the places we visited were so beautiful that we were able to forget that and simply be stunned by the magnificent sights.  We went, along with a lot of other tourists, to Aya Sophia (another link here) and The Blue Mosque (online images here).  Stunning!
Here are some shots of Aya Sophia - they are not fabulous because we could take photos but not use flash, as seemed to be the case in most of the historical sites in Turkey.  The place is immense.

We visited so many amazing sites that they occasionally blurred together.  I have taken nearly 1000 photos, so will go through them and my diary to organise in my mind the fabulous places we visited.

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