Friday, July 29, 2016

I Wonder What Would Happen ...

I am trying to come up with a design that has some connection to fossils.
We have a fossil lying around in the house, of which I have taken photos.

I have LOTS of silk, scrim and other bits and pieces that I have dyed, mostly using eucalyptus leaves and bark.
Not quite the same studio as in the magazine article.

I played around with this idea, a little bit, a few weeks ago, for one of our machine embroidery group meetings at the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria.

I made one piece too big for the task. It has been hanging around on my pinboard, looking interesting but not particularly useful.

Then I thought … I wonder what would happen if I did several of these. Can I layer them to look like layers of fossils.
Here it is with another couple of trials. 

After playing around with the idea, I keep changing how I am doing it.  The changes are not huge, just trying to work out a better way to make the bits.

I made a couple more pieces similar to the first one - of course I couldn't find any more scrim that colour. So now the pieces are of varying colours.


mycamerandme365 said...

I love this idea Mary and I look forward to seeing where your fossil journey ends!

Mary said...

Thanks, I am still playing around with it. I am hoping to make a very textured piece but have to work out how the layers are going to go without obscuring too much of my work.

theregatha said...

Just beautiful. Have been viewing some of the opalised boulder fossils (at lightening ridge fair) and was amazed to see your interpretations today. The boulder rocks look like they have been hand painted (indigenously)then suddenly one finds a fossil or seam of bright opal peering out. Colours are amazing. A new fascination and passion for me - though I was thinking more of weaving.

Mary said...

I have been thinking about opalised fossils, would like to use some brighter colours. So keep those photos, send me some!!