Sunday, July 10, 2016

Big Weeds!!

I recently noticed a brochure from our local council, Banyule, about weeds in the area.
I was quite surprised to see (on page 10) that Monterey Pines are regarded as environmental weeds.
Several of the parks I walk in have them and it is lovely to walk under them. It is so quiet. And the stands of trees are not big, so that you are through that bit fairly quickly.
I was trying to take an arty photo of the drops of rain on the leaves. Not entirely successful but ok.

I think this is a Monterey Pine, I could be mistaken. This one is at Rosanna.

These are at Warringal Park.

I also noticed that they provide food for the cockatoos. I have noticed black cockatoos, white cockatoos in them. And there was a very tame flock of Corellas there a few days ago. They let us walk very close to them and they barely looked at us, dog included.

The brochure is basically telling us to pull them out if we see them sprouting, not to get rid of the big ones. Thank goodness.

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