Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How you see things

I was outside the other night and the moon was peeking out between the clouds. It was also behind the gum tree that is next door.
I thought I would try to take a picture but, by the time I got the camera ready, the moon had almost disappeared.
I took the photo anyway.

Today I decided to put the photos from my camera on my computer. I wondered what on earth I had tried to photograph. What was this black image?

When I looked closely, I thought I could see the vague outline of a horse's face.
I've tried to lighten it in Photoshop. If I lighten it too much, it just looks like a tree.

Then I used 'enhance' in iPhoto and it was an amazing difference. No horse's face in sight.
How amazing is 'enhance'??


mycamerandme365 said...

I don't think that I've used 'enhance' to such good effect Mary,how interesting.

theregatha said...

Love the way we can perceive things, and change them.

Mary can you text me your number?