Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Tidy Studio … Sometimes

Exciting news: As I have mentioned before, my work was accepted for A Matter of Time. Brenda Gael Smith, the curator, has done an excellent job of getting the exhibition mentioned in several magazines and my piece was included in the images chosen. You can see the articles in Textile Fibre Forum magazine (edition #122 2016), Quilters Companion (no 80) and in the upcoming Down Under Textiles (issue 25, 2016).

I was also interviewed and photographed for the In the Studio feature of Quilter Companion. That was an incentive to actually tidy the studio, and to put some artwork up on the walls that have been bare for a while, since we had some renovations done.
My photos, not using the amazing camera of a professional photographer. 

It was great to see the pictures (obviously taken with a wide-angle lens!) and remember those brief few days when the studio was tidy.

It is not tidy at the moment, I have lots of my tapestry paraphernalia lying around. I started an image a while ago but it just isn't working. So, a couple of days ago, I warped up the slightly smaller loom and started again.
In the naughty corner.
I had done quite a bit of it, persevering despite the difficulties. But now it is put aside and I am using my smaller loom. I might be able to use it for a sewing exercise, maybe distress it or something. Seems only fair, it has been distressing me.

Hopefully I have learnt from the mistakes of the previous piece and I won't make the same errors - or any.

As my friend has just reminded me, a successful piece depends on good preparation. I don't think I did that properly and now I am sorry.
Still, the new piece is coming along and I am putting in quite a few hours every day, improving my weaving. I don't do weaving all that often, so it is good to be being consistently sitting down and doing it.
This is only about 24cm wide, much smaller. 

But I do have a couple of ideas for art quilts that are still rattling around in my head - I really want to get to them. Must have some discipline and get the weaving done first.

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