Sunday, May 8, 2016

Trying hand sewn fabric collage

I thought I'd try a slightly different take on the fabric collage.
I chose some pictures I took while I was overseas last year and eventually chose one from Saugerties, in upstate New York. It was right at the beginning of autumn, not many colourful leaves yet.

I used a piece of calico as the background, then laid a piece of green fabric over that to be most of the background.  A piece of black cotton was the ground for the image.

I ripped up some more of the black fabric. I had tried using bleach on it, years ago, to see what I would get. It was ok for the tree trunks, not being just a flat colour.

Then I cut up some of my green scraps and laid them around the piece, trying to make them look like leaves.

As I was doing it by hand, I had to pin them all on. Then sew them. This is quite a different way of working for me.

I had come across some of my 'stuff' while looking for my fabric scraps, so I thought I might try to incorporate them. I am not sure this was a brilliant idea but I have given it a go.

Working out how to attach these filmy, flimsy bits and pieces is quite a challenge.

I am not sure if I like it but I will persevere for a bit longer and see what eventuates.


mycamerandme365 said...

I think that it's got a lot of potential Mary. I look forward to seeing the enxt stage.

Mary said...

Thank you. Potential is good - I think.
I am not usually a hand embroiderer, so I might try the same image using the machine. It might be interesting to see how that goes. But the hand sewn one needs to be worked on a bit more before I abandon it.