Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It Shouldn't Have Taken This Long!

I am currently working on a small art quilt for an online group that I belong to. We are a new group and thought we would make up a challenge to have done by early June (not that far away now).

I have finished the main part of the work and was going to finish it off today by putting on the border.
It took ages!!

I wanted to make the binding match the colours of the work and decided to join the various fabrics on the diagonal.  This was easy for the first colour. But, being spatially challenged, I could NOT get the second colour to be the right way round. Then, when I had managed that, I realised that I had not allowed for the diagonal join and it didn't sit where I wanted it to.
After unpicking it, I rearrange the pieces and sewed then together again - in reverse of what I wanted, the join on the top instead of the bottom. Aaargh!

Once I got it sorted, I pinned it and sewed it on.

On to the other side. Same problems! Unbelievable. I had to unpick, rearrange the length of the pieces and fiddle around some more.
Eventually (two and a half hours later) I had put the sides on.

The quilt is now finished. We are having a 'reveal' day, so I suppose I had better not put up the finished image till then.
But here is the back. I had intended to put another piece of fabric on the back to hide all the mistakes and messy sewing but there wasn't any worth worrying about.


theregatha said...

Thank you Mary You have a wonderful way of 'cheering me up' I can just see you doing the upside down, inside out, stick together, sort of process! BUT it looks wonderful, can't wait for the actual reveal

Mary said...

Thank, I'm glad someone enjoyed it!