Sunday, May 22, 2016

Old Haunts

Yesterday, I took our dog for a walk at Darebin Parklands.

I haven't been there for months. This is partly due to it being a site for tiger snakes and I don't take her there much in the warm weather.
Summer seems to be LONG these day and it is only now approaching cooler temperatures. There are signs around the place, warning of snakes between October and April, but I know that snakes are often seen between September and May. Even today, it is windy but warm. Roll on the cooler weather.

Anyway …

We went to the park and I took lots of pictures. My brother was visiting and he was interested in seeing how the park has been developed from when he was a boy and had lots of adventures down there.

I am currently working on a piece that is to do with the geology of Australia. I am fairly sure that this is the end of the lava plain that makes up most of Victoria (I attended a geology talk several years ago and think we were told that then).

There is lots of geology to see in the park. So I might be able to use some of the images in the future.

This is the cliff face that I have taken LOTS of photos of, and have even made a tapestry based on it. It is not as purple as my original image. I must have been lucky with the image on that day.

One interesting thing was that there is now a path under Heidelberg Rd. It is only recently opened. I hadn't realised that they must have narrowed the creek until I compared photos from the past with what it looks like now. 
The path under Heidelberg Rd at the moment.

The path didn't go under the bridge in 2011. 

The path didn't go under the bridge in 2011.

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