Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Seeing faces in places

I think I have posted about something similar to this before. But I just had to do it again.

I was at the Australian Quilt Convention recently. As I was leaving, I spied a possum asleep in a tree in the park outside the Exhibition Building. I took a photo.

Then I decided that I often see faces in places and that the tree vaguely resembled a face. But when I got home I decided that it wasn't all that face-like.

Yesterday I was browsing my photos and came across the photos again. One thing I noticed was that the plastic around the tree, to stop possums climbing, didn't seem to be that effective (unless the possum can't get out of the tree).
Then I saw a little dog's face in the tree. It is right in the middle of the photo.

I have zoomed in so you can see it more clearly (in case you didn't notice it in the photo). It is rather pixilated but I think the dog's face is really clear.

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