Friday, August 28, 2015

You REALLY should listen to your body!

Yesterday was a rare day with nothing in the diary. I had thought to have an easy day, maybe work on some floral designs for the 'small art' exhibition a friend is trying to get off the ground.

I knew I wasn't feeling great but thought it was just because it was raining - all day!  It was one of the extremely rare days that our dog did not get a walk. It is definitely getting to be spring weather.

I had finished sewing my second gum blossom picture.

I thought I would iron on some adhesive interfacing, as I had done with the previous piece.

Unfortunately, I ironed the front onto the interfacing (it is a little difficult to tell the front from the back, due to the heavy sewing).  I had thought I shouldn't be trying to finish it off because I wasn't feeling at my best but I hadn't realised that my best was rather further away than I had thought. I really should have listened to my body.

So then I pulled off the interfacing (rather easier to do than I had envisaged) and washed it all again, in the hopes that the glue would wash out. The glue had not stuck that well, it was easy to pull the piece apart. (This may not be a good sign for the final mounting!)

Then I left it to dry. It seems ok, so I mounted it in the same way as the yellow gum blossom. They were not exactly the same size but I have trimmed the other and now they are a pair!

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